Why It Is Better To Avoid Tree Lopping And Opt For Tree Maintaining Instead?

tree maintaining

We all know how trees add to the ambiance of the surroundings. In fact we can even think of existing without trees. But, many times it happens that a branch has fallen off or the tree has dried and shriveled up which gives an unsightly look and finish. If you are planning to opt for Tree Lopping Gold Coast then think again. It is better to opt for tree maintenance services rather than lopping. When one is opting for tree lopping, the tree is practically cut down to a stub. In fact this increases the risk of serious injury or death to anyone who is living or walking down the lopped tree. You may be sued for this as well. Is this all or are there other severe reasons as well? Read on to know more:

  • Tree Lopping Gold Coast is a like a live bomb waiting to burst. Every time there is a strong wind the chances of a falling branch increases. And if the branch happens to fall on a passerby, you can be sued. In fact tree lopping is no longer an acceptable process.

  • Lopping is an expensive process. You may not be aware initially but in the long run you will notice that you have dug a deep hole in your pocket. Once a tree has been lopped, you need to carry out the practice every month.

  • The large wounds that appear as a result of lopping can cause the tree to decay and shrivel up. In the long run the tree will experience bark splitting, branch failure and the tree might eventually die.

  • The value of your property will decrease manifold. We tend to get attracted to a property that has flourishing trees. We avoid those properties where dead stumps abound everywhere.


Now that you know of the different damages caused by tree lopping don’t you think it is best to opt for tree maintenance services? Through tree maintenance you will be able to maintain the natural form of the tree, the beauty gets enhanced, and it does not cause safety hazards.

This article is contributed by www.bootstreeservices.com.au


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Bootstreeservices is a leading company that offers Emergency Tree Removal. If you have a tree in your courtyard that is posing problems and is affecting your property then avail of this service to get rid of the extra branch of the tree.

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